Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love Lessons I Have Learned

Loving someone because they kissed you - is not love - that's infatuation.
Loving someone because you tell each other everything and do everything together - is not love - that's friendship.
Loving someone because it seems reasonable, or possible, and disconnecting from what you truly want - is not love - that's compromise.
Loving someone because you are afraid they will leave you, or not like you if you leave - is not love - that's charity.
Loving someone because you feel you can't live without them - is not love - that's dependence.
Loving someone because you've touched until you both were heavily breathing puddle of realized and unrealized passions - is not love - that's lust.
Loving someone because you dream and fantasize about them or can't stop thinking about them - is not love - that's hope.
But wanting someones happiness over your own - that's love.
Regretfully letting someone go because they cannot stay - that's love.
And when being apart, you still in some desperate and uncontrollable desire, know you need, want and love each other as a part of you, that sacrifice may be the greatest love of all.
Love is what's left over after being in love has burned away. . . love is indefinable. . . love just is.

Wow, Spring must really be here, I'm in a very reflective and romantic mood.  I think I'll leave you this week with just all that to think about.  There is a lot there to keep you occupied. Try asking  yourself where each person you have loved fits, and see who's face you see most often.   It might surprise you.  It might not be who you think it will be.  Or should be.  Beware the person that comes close or fits all the good ones.....they might just be one of your perfect matches.  (and I bet you're not with them)  And while you're at it, if your current relationship is only compromise and charity and dependence, with some infatuation and lust, run!   BUT if you have lots of friendship and hope and all the last ones, with lust and infatuation thrown, you have something not only worth holding on to, but you already know it will stand up to anything life can throw at you.  You may even find that no one, not even you, completely understands why you love who you love.  But that's real love....unexplainable.  Time, Distance, Problems, Differences, all seem to melt into some strange and wonderful soup of understanding between just the two of you.  And you don't have this relationship with anyone else.       You have been warned, now think.

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