Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why is the Sun so BRIGHT?

So I'm in St. Paul still and wondering why is the sun so bright?  I mean come on!  Doesn't the sun understand that I'm hungover and its really an imposition for my eyes?

I have spent another wonderful weekend with one of my very special adpoted famliies in the  twin cities.  The children have been their usual bright spots that can warm my somewhat bitter heart and make me forget about that tragic part of my life, and remember my own wonderful children at these ages.

My best friend Erin an April and Joe along with Dtubes enjoyed another fun filled night of singing to Pat McCurdy, Minnesota style this time.  And except for Stubes they were all virgins! And Pat properly initiated them into the fold; (I'm sworn to secrecy on the details).

I know I must leave today, there are comittments at home to prepare for work tomorrow and, hopefully some writing or gaming to accomplish.  But before I leave to face the unforgiving sun, I will leave you with the wise words of Pat McCurdy, "I want to ruin my life! "  (look him up on youtube,   you wont regret it)

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  1. "I just want to point out that the typos are due to you typing this up on a PHONE, and not because you were still socially lubricated. I had a great time, and thank you for introducing me to Pat McCurdy's show. I look forward to catching him in La Crosse sometime!"