Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday Night's Alright for . . . Party!

I'm sure Elton John will forgive me for the thinly veiled reference to his song for my title, but it sure felt like that's what he might have meant for me last night.  What a great evening with two very different groups of my friends in two very different places in their lives.  One getting ready to take the plunge, the other swimming strong solo or with whoever catches her fancy.

The first party was a friend's bachelorette party.  (and if you are a fb friend then you've already seen the pictures- thanks- some good ones there)   She used to live here and now lives in Minnesota and brought some of her big city friends to us her old friends, to our quaint little town, so we could show them how we do it in the Styx. (lets see how many band names and movies i can plug) And in the three hours i spent with them we had a good quantity of booze (why is rum gone?  oh right, because i drank it) and had some dancing on the bar by a fabulous drag queen who was the brides date. (no Coyote Ugly here, at all) And I loved her.  Reminded me of my first husband, and my first boyfriend in high school, but I digress. . . She along with some of the other members of the bachelorette party, who were so caught up in the happy romantic adventures of the bride to be (close one, WHEW...good for me I did not let my bitterness or cynicism ruin it for myself or her) taught me how to do The Cupid Shuffle.  Look it up on line, it's a fun and easy dance and again. . .pictures of me watching and then doing, just like that.  I was always pretty quick at picking up a basic step and this is not too far off from The Hustle.....(does that date me or what?)

After about three bars in three hours. . .I know a long time in each bar, but in their defense they were doing a scavenger hunt that quite frankly I did  not have the attention span for, especially when drinking.  And watching our drag queen have all the fun with the straight men in the bar was entertaining, but after a while i started to want to dance again, or at least bang my head. . .  fade out to second party.

The birthday party of an old friend of mine, (the big 30) she's like another daughter to me, but the one that doesn't come home a lot, or spend much time with me even on line.  She breezes in and out of my life usually on our birthday's.  But when she does and we do see each other again, it's not like we have to 'catch up'  we just 'pick up' where we left off.  And last night was no exception.  I miss her.  And it being her birthday a few of our mutual friends were there.  Some I see much more often then her. . you know who you are (see you at Daze), others I wish I saw more often. . . again you know who you are, (loved your band The Sweatboys, and I miss you too.  AND then there was-- it has been a LONG time....thanks for the song....was so good running into you again too.  AND then there was -- my Corsican always seeing you...Wow more people than I thought)   I even met some new people, and had a very drunk young man try to hit on me.  Of course there were people that should have been there (one is still a pussy for not coming) and others that should not have come, but well, at least she finally had the good sense to leave before she was forced to leave.  Of course the drama that usually surround this friend of mine was there as well. . . but kept to a low roar for her, thankfully, since it's a smaller bar but was packed with people and nice and loud music.

Of the three bands that played last night, two heavy metal one a Judas Priest/Depeche Mode mix....AND I DO MEAN MIX-The Sweatboys, was my favorite, and it has everything to do with knowing the lead singer, personally.  Was so glad i kept to my original plan and went to both parties.

And while my heart had been on vacation at Lake Pity before the events, I found myself, once freed of the theme of the bachelorette  party to be in a place of not even thinking about that, or him.  At least for a few hours I could enjoy my life and this time, I didn't even take him with me. . . or wish he could be seeing it.  Not that I don't think in retrospect that he wouldn't have had a blast learning the dance and banging his head in the back ground somewhere. . .  but well, it's just time to let him go.  It's time for me to dance again, and feel again, and live and love again away from the shores of Lake Pity.  I think I'll take my ship out into the wide sea, leave this Lake of Pity and Cape of Disappointment, and see where my ship takes me.  I don't even care if I never find a first mate.  I just need to get away from sadness and get more joy back in my life.  Besides, if he spends so much time with me, how good could her life with him really be?  And while I've been concerned that he'd be unhappy without me, I'm sure he'll find someone else to replace me.  And maybe I can still send him updates via Message In A Bottle.  (thanks Sting. . .I needed a closer)


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