Sunday, December 5, 2010

I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education. —Wilson Mizner

Most of you probably have a facebook account and most of you have probably seen the post to change your profile picture to a picture of a cartoon to raise awareness for the abuse of children in the hopes that raising awareness will make it stop. The goal to not have a human face profile picture on facebook until after Monday Dec 6th.

Yesterday an old and what I believed to be a tolerant friend of mine from high school, wrote a blog on the christian evils of doing just this. She sited scripture and verse as most holier than thou christians do. The verse she chose was the one about doing charity in a boastful way instead of keeping your good works secret. And she then went on to BLAST and INSULT the intelligence and good natured feelings of everyone who had done this. Saying that we were a bunch of Internet lemmings if we thought that changing a picture would stop child abuse or raise any awareness.  She even blasted the waring of ribbons etc to raise awareness and I actually think that some of those things do.

Do I think that wearing a yellow ribbon will bring the armed forces home sooner?  NO.  Do I believe that changing my picture to a cartoon will stop child abuse.  Of course not..  Do I think that standing up for gay rights will make them happen?  Probably not.  But do I believe that standing up for my opinions might raise awareness.  YOU BET I DO.  All it takes is one person.  Her god taught that.  But apparently she didn't listen to that lesson.  

Well I was appalled. HOW DARE she assume that if a person changed their picture they were only doing it for public acknowledgement! How DARE she assume that people that changed their picture stopped there. . .and didn't or aren't doing good works that only they know about.  HOW DARE she judge us lest she be judged.  HA.  (Preachers you!)

I de-friended her, and one other friend that only posts scripture and I'm insulted.  I'd link the blog here but I don't want it to get any more hits.  I'd even give you her name so you can find her and tell her how wonderful the world is now that she is here to tell us all how god wants us to be.  What have we done without her.  But I don't think her ego needs anymore help.

Keep standing up for what you believe in, tell one other person what you think, and you might change their mind for the better.  Keep up the good work that makes you feel good about yourself and makes you a better person.  And I beg you, don't give god the credit, nor yourself.  Just do the work.

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