Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas wish from me and someone very special

Our family got together this year and decided no presents for Christmas.  Like most of America money is tight and while our family is small we figured trying to see each other was more important then a gift to open.  And at first this made me sad, almost like I was some kind of failure because I couldn't afford to celebrate a holiday I really don't believe in anyway, but have always done so in the past for tradition and as a great excuse to get everyone together.  (see pagan roots of Christmas and winter solstice and that Christ was probably born in the autumn/some say summer, if you don't believe that this is a commercial holiday only now.  In fact most all the things you use to decorate your home with unless they are religious are from pagan roots for the solstice. . . but  I digress)

I'm seriously considering giving my kids something I already own that I know they would love, a white elephant if you will, one of my best friends is accepting something like that from me this year and he actually seems excited about it.  Go figure.   But the best holiday wish I have gotten so far this year was in the form of a letter.  It was from another best friends daughter, who is somewhere between 7 and 8 and while I try not to name names, (JANA) her letter was so beautiful and so honest, as only a young person can be, and it reminded me that what this season and every season is about is LOVE.  And reminding our loved ones, weather near or far, how much we love them and miss them in our lives.  And how they are always with us, in our hearts.

But she said it much better than I ever could.  So to all of you that I love and care about and may not get to see this year or many years from now, or maybe never again:
         "I miss you were ever I go.  I miss you vary much.  I love you too!  (insert name here) I want you to be at my hous rite now!  I miss you vary much and thats ok.  Wen I go noth I feel sad becuse I am going the opisit way.  I want you because you are far away but not in my hart."

See told you she said it best.

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