Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ideas Vs Opinions

Friday night I was struck with the real reason why I don't  usually enjoy debating or talking about deep subjects with other people.  And contrary to what you may think if you know me personally it's NOT because I am hard to convince or opinionated.  (I will concede that I am both these things, but I am not immovable.  I have been known to change my mind if you can state your opinion in a way that makes me think of an idea.)

With that being said, the real reason is that most people just opine, over and over and over.  They complain about, their broken hearts (guilty) or the state of affairs, or what the neighbors are doing or not doing, or how their thoughts are 'right' and 'correct' and should be adopted and wonder why the rest of the world is so far behind 'them'.

Which is. . .well . . .okay I guess.  It's a start, I mean.

But the idea that comes after the opinion.  The spark that could change the world view and make the opinion real, there is where we all really should be.  You can't have an idea without an opinion, but you sure can have an opinion without an idea.  Or perhaps even better said:  A person who worries is the person who only sees the problem.  A concerned person is the person who sees the solution.  And this is not the frame of mind or attitude I see most people in.  To state an opinion and then shoot down almost automatically all ideas generated by that opinion is a person that just wants to hear themselves talk.  And we all really know what to do with that person, don't we?

So my grand IDEA is the following:  Let's try not to voice our opinion without the idea to solve it quickly on its heels.  Or at least an honest call for help in welcoming other people's ideas in solving said opinion.

End Transmission.

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