Sunday, April 25, 2010

Message to Good Friends

I must start this weeks blog off on a very personal note, and that really shouldn't surprise anyone, after all that's pretty much all my blog is anyway. I had the most wonderful weekend and I can't tell you all how great it was to see you all again and how uplifted and loved I felt being surrounded by so much real love and emotion. It has been WAY too long.

When I hit the cities I knew I was in for a wonderful weekend, when Jana, who is all of 7 years old, and would give Mick Jagger a run for his money in the energy department, came running out of her house to meet me in the driveway and hug me before I could even get the bags out of my hand.

My daughter, Diana and I were immediately whisked away by April and Joe to go dancing at a ballroom dance studio. And I had a blast. I hadn't danced like that in years, and we learned the basic tango, and cha-cha, and then stayed for the dance party where we got to hoof it with the other students and instructors. Got to disco, and maranga. But i think they all loved me trying to keep up in the Viennese much faster waltz and harder than I've ever tried. Was kind of proud i could keep up with one of the instructors in the disco at least, I'm sure he was toning it way down for me. but it was still so much fun. If I lived there, I'd go and do that every night. And as out of practice as I was, each one of the instructors and students that I danced with said I should come back because I either had a natural ability or good rhythm. (bows modestly in the back ground, smiling)

Then Saturday was filled with catching up with my best friends Jer and Erin and getting to know my new godson Frederic and spoiling Galanna and Jana. I love this family so much, and I'm always sad to leave them. Of course we spend the entire day visiting, cooking, and when April and Joe came by again to see us, a bon fire and, after the kids were asleep, word games. We are a group of friends that enjoy all types of games from board games to role playing games. Word games after drinking several bottles of wine can be not only challenging but hysterical. And our evening was no exception. We were going to try to fit Johnny Depp in there somewhere, because all of you that really know me, know there is ALWAYS room for Johnny Depp, but we just couldn't swing it. Another time.

And then today, the big event, All the godparents, Me, Stevie, April and Joe for Galanna and Frederic's baptism. I'm sure you are all aware by now, since I'm actually typing this blog, that I did not burst into flames upon entering the church, nor did I after lighting the Christ candle or taking Communion. I really pushed the envelope this time. But my father, the ex preacher, would be proud I'm sure, that I actually remembered the Lords Prayer and the 23rd Psalm by heart to recite at the right moment. Sang a bunch of rockin' gospels too. It's a very liberal church. :)

And now we are home, trying to get geared up for another busy week of working too hard never having enough time to see the people we love. I'm reminded of all my friends who live far away from me and who I miss so much. From Chicago to Colorado, from Vancouver to New York, and yes I think there may even be a few of you in Texas and California. Oh and lets not forget the family and friends in Wisconsin that are hours away. I miss you all and love you all. Give yourselves huge hugs from me and what the hell, a kiss too. And remember, I'm always on your side, I'm always in your corner, and I'll always listen.

See you next weekend!

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