Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Enemy Within

"If you had a friend that talked to you the way you sometimes talk to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?"

Now there's a quote to stumble upon....And one I really needed to hear.  How long indeed.  Not long, if my history is to be believed.  I don't take that kind of crap from my friends.  I usually push them away when I don't feel like the friendship is two way, or when I feel like I'm being ignored or worse, used.  I also don't accept it when my friends beat me down instead of building me up, who would, right?  Well, unless they are telling me a glaring truth that I refuse to see, but then it's not beating me down, it's said in love, holding my hand and making sure I'm okay.

 But to constantly beat yourself down, to examine and re-examine all your bad choices, to force yourself to remember your failures and remind yourself that you never will succeed in love or business or life...what kind of friend is that?

Not the kind you would be to any of your friends, right?  Then why do it to yourself!?  And we all do, sometimes.  (Some more than others, and you know who you are....I'm one of you btw) Anyone that tells you they don't do this to themselves, or can't understand this, is lying.  They may not do it often, but they do, unless they are a sociopath, its human nature to question our past decisions and hold ourselves accountable.  This can really suck when you THINK you make the wrong decisions over and over again, when presented with the same situations.  (Fate to hand it to her, GREAT sense of humor.)  You are suppose to be your own best friend, NOT your best enemy.

If you can't have a good attitude about yourself everyday when you wake up alive and healthy, then you are missing out on the greatest gift of life.   LIFE.  YOU are ALIVE.  Another day on the planet, with another opportunity to make it the best day of your life.  And why not?  Just think about all those wonderful days in your past, you didn't see those coming before they happened, did you?  I didn't think so.  And if you live your life with the possibility that TODAY is the greatest day you will be much happier, worry less and guess what.....LIVE longer.  (thanks smashing the title that's two songs plugged in this blog for those of you that know music)

So your homework for the for the rest of your this simple act.  STOP beating yourself up for your decisions in life, and if you must self examine until you are dizzy, at least come up with a REASON for why you made the choices you did, and then learn from that reason.  And don't forget to grow.  Don't forget to practice what you have learned. (btw if you don't do this, this is when Fate throws the same choice in your path again....just so you know)   After all, the choices we have made and will make in life, make us the people we are.  And you need to love yourself, as much as your loved ones love you.  Really.  I know it sounds trite, but it's true.  If you don't believe me look at your loved ones and realize they wouldn't love you if you weren't fantastic.  So believe that you are. Or as a good friend of mine summed it up so nicely once to me last year....."Allow yourself to be AWESOME."  he's right.  Only you can stop yourself from being awesome.

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