Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Sunday And Pat McCurdy!

And I'm Back!  (thank you AC/DC) What a great time at the Alpine last night for Pat's last show of the season for La Crosse.  I'm glad I caught him in the cities last weekend, and this weekend was quite as memorable.  All of the Pat regulars that I know were there, and Georgia got some great pictures, as usual.  Even managed to catch me on stage singing Sex and Beer.  The truth is out.  And while I love the intimate closeness of seeing Pat at the Alpine, I have to admit that O' Gara's in the Cities is a much nicer venue.  The size of the stage and the room to dance around makes the show even more enjoyable.  Not to mention that Pat does three sets there and only two in La Crosse.  I couldn't help but miss my new Pat virgins from last week (HI!)  and hope that they will be able to catch him next season in the Cities or here on a visit.  I purchased one of his CD's last night just to keep my sated until then.  (shakes head and smiles. . .  .I must admit I am a fan now.  I'll have to spend some time putting this and my new CD from April onto my laptop today)

This is my first Sunday without my writing partner, and I'm starting, finally, to feel like I want to finish my novel.  Without him.  This has also happened much faster than I thought it would.  But after all I was a writer before I met him and I will remain one without him in my life.  I wonder about him though.  .  .  I found out that he deleted both his blogs.  I found that strange.  I know he's not enjoyed several of the comments of my best friend.  (Go Erin!  Keep true to yourself.)  or my last two, most probably, even though we never discussed them.  But to delete the blogs, rather than just the individual comments, if they offended.  I found that very childish, and foolish.  I would never delete my blogs out of comments, or because of a temper tantrum like. . "I don't want her to read anything I've written, I'll show her. . .I'll just erase it all from existence?!"  Seems like a waste to me.  Seems like the kind of spite that would cut off your nose to spite your face.  Seems like he lost, rather than me.  Oh I'm sure he has started a new blog somewhere I don't know about, but to try to erase the past like that.  All reminder of me in his life.  I find that not only childish but something he may regret in the future.  And if you can't stumble upon a mistake from your past how do you ever hope to learn from it?

No.  I will not do that.  I will not erase him nor any of the others, from my memory.  They are all safe in their prospective places, where I can remind myself what I learned from each experience both good and bad in loving them.  They are an important part of who I am now.  And I like myself now.

Heres to not being too hung over. . . or maybe I'm still drunk. . . lol. . . Cheers.

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