Sunday, February 6, 2011

Motion vs Progress

"Don't confuse motion and progress.  A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress."-Alfred A. Montapert

I found this in my cache of quotes, and sadly it reminded me of my life.  So true to form, I'm sharing it.  Motion, I have a lot of that in my life.

I have a job that keeps me busy and forces me to step up to meet daily challenges.  I hope that in the future if I meet these challenges, and the next ones they will offer, that perhaps I will slowly move up the ladder and make some progress.  However that has not been my experience in working in the business world so far.  So far it seems I'm either hired at the pinnacle of what I'm qualified to do, or the company just isn't structured for any type of progress forward.

I have raised my children so while the rapid motion of raising them, racing from event to event or just being supportive of their dreams and ideas while trying to install my own and give them at least the benefit of all I know, good and bad, is over.  I feel that has been movement and much progress, but i also feel an empty nest fast approaching as my baby is about to begin her last year of college, and her last year at home this summer.  The progress of that life changing decision to have and raise children is coming to an end, what will I fill that time with?  What new challenge will come forth to fill my life with progress, instead of motion.

While I love my down time with all my friends, thankfully my relationships with them have no drama.  Only the safe security of being in loving and caring relationships.  Don't get me wrong I don't miss the drama of a relationship that is not working at the time, but I do miss the challenge of being in a loving relationship that you work at together.  I have no progress in this area of my life, and I miss it. While I could lie to myself and say that I have interested parties in this area, it would be me just trying to give myself a lift, dreaming of the future.
Dreaming of the future, is motion without progress.  I love dreaming.   I want motion.  I need progress.

If you feel the same way, figure out your motion without progress and make it motion with progress.

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