Sunday, November 14, 2010

Second Chances

Yesterday I had one of the best days of my life, all due to a dream. A dream I had that was a warning, that I believed saved my life. And changed my intellectual attitude about "Life is short and live every day to the fullest" to a REAL EMOTIONAL attitude.

I'll share the dream and then what happened so you can see the similarities:
I was on my way to work, at night, and it was raining. I parked on the second floor of the parking ramp and when I got out of my car a ZOMBIE was there and it started to come after me, so I out ran it down the stairs and looked both ways to cross the street. I opened my umbrella, and I saw a semi truck come barreling around the corner and I stepped out in front of it and committed suicide. . .then I woke up.

I thought to myself, that was strange...I don't dream of monsters and I am NOT suicidal. So I looked up the imagery,(in my favorite website for this: ) zombie, suicide, semi truck, umbrella, rain and night and it all fit completely with what I'm feeling in my personal life.

And then I went to work
And it was dark
And it was raining, and I thought, that's a little eerie, after the dream, and my spider sense gave me a nudge. . .
I parked on the first floor of the ramp. . . not because I believed there was a zombie on two but because I found a close spot. Then I got out of my car opened my umbrella and started to walk across the street.
As I was getting to the middle/other side of the street the SAME SEMI I DREAMED ABOUT came barreling around the corner and barely was able to slow down due to the wet streets, I looked into the headlights for a split second before moving quickly to the curb and safety as it sped down the street.
I took a deep breath and thanked my lucky stars that I remembered the dream.

Too many similarities for me not to believe that I was warned. I've had dreams before that came true, years later. I've had gut feelings that I couldn't place why someone or something was not quite right and minutes or hours later something bad happened. BUT I'VE NEVER had a dream this vivid, that I remembered and then had the incident happen right afterward. I think my spider sense is getting better and more accurate with age......hum....perhaps I am turning into the wizened sage...

... or perhaps I need Yoda to teach me control....


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