Sunday, September 19, 2010

Worry about what is important....not what isn't

Last week I found myself at the center of several different situations of love blowing up, and life altering revelations of the self, and lots of good wine and tarot readings. My services of bringing wine and cards to friends for advice was multiplied, something must be in the air, or the water. But I'm noticing several friends going through similar romantic or self aware journeys, like I have been. And I found myself giving them all the same advice.

Stop worrying about what you can't change.

"Does he love me, will he come come back? Is my job in jeopardy, will I be fired? What will we do now? Where does the money go? My kids? My friends? My husband? My wife? My school?" Stop it! Right now! Be the wise-man, shaman, and witch you know you are, and find peace by worrying about the only thing that matters.


Look at yourself, and really see yourself...not your life...YOU. Do you like who you are? Do you even know who you are? Are you the person you think you are? Are you the person you see in the mirror? Can you look in the mirror?

If the answer to these questions is YES. Then I need you to read my cards, and be my guru. :)

But if the answer is no to any of them, then you are like most of us, and know what to do. CHANGE. BE the person you want to BE. BE the person you envision. And when you do, you will embrace all that is beautiful within yourself, and slowly but surely erase all that is wicked or ugly or what you don't want to see in that mirror.

Its all about love. And self love is the start. If you can't love yourself you can never love anyone else. And once you embrace all that you are, and want to be NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT THAT IS....the rest, will all fall into place.

Trust me.

Just breathe, and be and work on YOU. Not everyone and everything around you.

Because in the end the only person you can really change and effect, and the only person that really matters is YOU. Its your life and you live it alone. The journey is yours alone. No matter who is along for the ride and how long they choose to accompany you, it road is yours alone. Life is a series of people coming in and out of your life. No one but you last on your road with you forever. Get rid of forever in your vocabulary. It's a lie.

Just like the cake is a lie.

Sorry my video game geek just came out, and i like her so I'm embracing her today.

See you next week.


  1. How do I do this when I'm surrounded by people who need me? Children... husband... friends... I so desparatey want to find ME. BE me. But I haven't the first clue how to start or where to look. Such a lonely, helpless feeling.

  2. I feel like having a child has really made me realize how much I need to be me more than ever. If I am to be a good role model for my son I have to love myself enough to be worth imitating. My son, in the three years of his life, has made me re-think me and I like what I see.....inside and out. I AM a momma he can be proud of and want to be like when he gets big!

  3. Finding yourself is such an ugly phrase. As if anyone can misplace their own soul; you can ignore it, abuse it, lie to it, cut off bits of it and try to arrange it in the shape you think you want it to be, but you can never lose yourself.
    What helped me stop abusing myself was rejecting everything I had ever done to please someone else - not entirely practical, but necessary in my case. My friends, my job, my family. Not forever, but I stopped asking opinions and stopped caring if anyone approved of what I did.
    I went in search of the ugly things about myself that I always tried to hide, and hated, first; and I paraded them for everyone to see and judge. And I didn't care. After a while, I started to love the the dark places I had hidden from others; and in those dark places I found the missing pieces of myself that I had spent so much energy rejecting.
    Now I am me.
    Now I am whole.
    And I have no shame, not even of my own fear.
    Now I can get to know the parts of myself that I always thought I loved, but now realize I only admired because other people praised them.

  4. Well said Vacationing....well said. :D