Sunday, September 12, 2010

Forest or a Tree.....which are you?

Question: Ever hear of the expression, "Can't see the forest for the trees?"
Answer: Yes, and right now in my life, I feel like the forest.

Ask yourself, in your life, are you the tree that is seen and obliterating the forest, or are you the forest that can't be seen because of the trees. Are you the big picture? or the small alternative? Are you the solution? or the problem? are you the road? or the fork in the road?

I'm the forest. Sometimes I wish I was the tree, someone so special that I am seen and obliterate the forest. . .I guess every tree was once the forest, was once the big picture, the solution, or the road. It must be my turn to be the forest. To be unseen, unnoticed, unchosen.

To be the great observer in life. To watch. Perhaps to dream...

1 comment:

  1. That's an interesting way of looking at it, i've never thought about being either, only using it to refer to how we see things.
    Sad to say i feel more like the one looked not noticed, but am also probably guilty of doing that too.