Sunday, September 5, 2010

Good Morning Life!

And just like that, I'm back.

How? Not sure? I guess all along and deep down inside all this emotional crap that I carry around, (we all have our baggage) I truly am a centered and sensible woman. Who knew? I realize the great advice that I've given my friends and family through the years is true. And while it's always easier to see it from the outside and advise when it's not your life, the advice is still true and should be applied to your own life.

Earlier this week, a good friend of mine sat me down and tried to cheer me up and make me understand. Understand that I'm worth more. That I deserve to be happy too. And that I've got so much to offer the right person, that its a shame to just stay hidden, waiting for whatever or whoever. (THANK YOU! I hope you know how much it meant to hear that from you.)

And while I've had many other friends tell me this, somehow hearing it from someone I'd hurt made it real to me. The heartfelt honesty of the truth of it came shining through.

So now I'm teaching myself things I've known all along, but forgotten:
1. “Gut feeling” is not just a euphemism. Tension in the abdomen speaks volumes about how you truly feel about something, beyond all arguments and rationales.
2. Yelling always makes things worse.
3. Cynicism is far too easy to be useful.
4. If what you're doing feels perfectly safe, there is probably a better course of action.
5. People cause suffering when they are suffering themselves. Alleviating their suffering will help them not hurt others.
6. Words are immensely powerful. One cruel remark can wound someone for life.
7. Wishing things were different is a great way to torture yourself.

Food for thought people. Just love. Just be. Just live.

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