Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13!!

The storm blew out fo the nortwest...figures...he's in the northwest....getting married today.
The storm fit my mood. One of the darkest August mornings I can remember, a gray and black churning sky,...
As I drove to work just ahead of the rain, in my rear view mirror the eastern sky was clear...gray still but only a few shades lighter than what lay ahead of me.
Even that small hope, made me want to fly away...away from the coming storm and hide in any place I could find. Away from my breaking heart and stormy emotions.

I can feel a sadness washing over me from him as he sends his love long distance....
All he can do....
All I can do is feel his loss, and remember his warmth....
And know we will talk again.
And hope we will meet again.

It does help that I can feel him thinking about me.

Facing a life with never seeing his eyes or feeling his arms around me again, is unbareable.

I can't focus on that. That way leads to maddness.

The metor shower last night, I skipped--
I couldn't face watching it without him. I hope if he saw it he thought of me...

A friend of mine just sent me a link to a song by The Police, Driven To Tears....
And I am.

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