Sunday, July 10, 2011

Harry Potter Fan Gearing Up For The Last Installment

Five days!  I've only got five days to finish them all, and I'm only on book four!  I'll never make it. . .

My daughter and my god son (the first one, not the second one) are trying to re-read ALL the Harry Potter books before we see part two of the last book.  Opening this Friday. Now it's sold out for, opening night, so this give us one more day.   Six days!  YES.  We might make it.

They are on book five and I am just starting book four, and  the stress level is high.  We are determined.

Maybe his mom, otherwise known as Nature, will not want to go until Sunday.  That would give us ONE MORE DAY.  Seven!  That's doable.  But then we are not seeing it until Sunday.  Hum...decisions, decisions.

We should have started sooner.  I've been averaging a book a day, until the third one.  That took two days, and they keep getting bigger.....means more reading.....less time.....

And we still need to decided what day/time we are going and get our tickets before it's sold out for the weekend.....
What am I doing wasting precious reading time blogging?!
   I need to read.
     And plan
       And buy tickets
          and read some more.

Okay....more coffee....need to stay awake, might have to read all night...
Better turn off the phone, and the computer. . . too many distractions......stay in the bedroom too, away from the television....better grab some food too.  Might forget to eat.

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