Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Is On My Mind, But Eternal Spring Is In My Heart

You read those sayings all the time about how lucky you are to be alive, and how great the day is, and to live in the present.  And you know them intellectually, but you don't always feel them.  Even if you know you should.  You wake up and sigh and hope the day will be bearable, even if you don't feel any joy or love around you.  You know it's there and you hope today will be different.  Yesterday was that day for me.

Waking up knowing love was all around me and hoping that somehow my rut would be different.  It was of course, because I spent it in the close circle of people that I love, and miss.  Spending time eating good food, drinking good brews, and catching up is one of my favorite things to do.  And while there were more people than I usually enjoy in one sitting, (more than one or two is more than I enjoy) I found myself retiring quite often to a small intimate room to catch up one on one, with several of the gathered friends, (much more my style) and while we were enjoying each others company it became suddenly obvious that a few were not there but missed by all.  Their presence was felt, and a couple of us even mentioned that we should have called one in  particular.  It was a good reunion, and I hope to have many more opportunities to see them all just like that again.

 Such a good day, that it has carried over to this morning, and I feel nothing but the eternal wonderment and confidence in a day that has just begun.  Like a Spring day, where you can smell the change in the seasons, and feel the love all around you, waiting to hit you upside the head in a sudden burst of recognition.  I'm ready for Spring and all it promises.

Winter is on my mind, but eternal spring is in my heart"-Victor Hugo"

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