Sunday, October 31, 2010

Get Up And DO Something!

Okay, so I'm in a good mood. Sue me! But it is mostly due to my friends who care about me and want me to be happy again. And with everything that has happened so far this year, I know a normal person would not be. But I am. And I can't stop smiling because I know how blessed I am to have sincere love all around me. In so many forms and from so many.

I got myself all dressed up and found my 'slutty pumpkin' and went out with Larry The Cable Guy, and DID something. Saw the comic classic rock stylings of Pat McCurdy Just had a blast singing at the top of my lungs, songs so funny and original, and with fans that welcomed me as a virgin to the show. (Got two songs sang to me last night. guess I'm not a virgin anymore!) And ran into one old friend, French Maid, I hadn't seen in 10 years, and met some great new people who I hope to get to know better.

Then downtown and ran into a couple of my girlfriends. (YO! Phoenix and Snow White) AND Zerro and my favorite Roller Girl AngHella. My long lost little brother, (not so lost) who sitting with at DAZE had us both looking around for the rest of that group....who were not there, and missed. AND literally on my way home, ran into Dead Bicyclist and *Hot Cab Driver.

What a great night. Lots of Heart to Heart talking, TONS of SINGING and a little drinking. I've never had a bucket of beer before....was awesome! (before you go's a bucket with 5 bottles of beer and ice in it. trip shopping...just my style)

My mind drifts to the one person that I wish I could have shared it all (and more) with. . . happily drifts. . .and dreams.

Think ill try to write now. . .

*Where was Pat McCurdy then....he'd been looking for Hot Cab driver earlier...oh well

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