Sunday, July 25, 2010

RUSH Beyond The Lighted Stage

Normally I do not use my blog for reviews. But I have to pass on this bit of information for other RUSH fans that may be followers. If you did not live in a cool enough city to show this documentary on the one day in June that it was showing, like me, then you have had to wait for it's DVD release. And let me tell you it is well worth the wait! RUSH Beyond The Lighted Stage.

This is a must have for every RUSH fan out there. Not only is it informative with childhood photos and information about the life long friendship of the band members. While that was not new news to me, may be to some of you. But it also is chock full of rare and recent concert footage. Which you would expect. What makes this one different than other rock n roll documentaries is the candid and often times very funny remarks from many. . . MANY other famous rock and roll artists that have been heavenly influenced by RUSH.

I found myself not only connecting with the band in many of the humorous back stage extras, (my favorite being a dinner with the band members at a hunting lodge) but also with the other Rock musicians and singer/songwriters that appeared to remember with me why they loved RUSH as a kid growing up.

The voice that RUSH spoke to me with, was one of pure geek-dome and nonconformist freewill, with a dose of outsider throw in for good measure. And at once, I felt that I was not alone. As an unsure teenager, with their words of intellect and individuality they helped me to remember, at all costs, who I was, and to never sell out.

Something I didn't know and I bet most of you don't either, was that they are ranked third in consecutive gold or platinum albums after The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Wow. . . that's right. . .a Canadian rock band! So there! And I bet with a stat like that you either are a RUSH fan or you know one. We're everywhere, and most of us are hard to spot. We're kind of invisible, until we all get together at RUSH-CON or a concert.

I'm going again this summer when they hit the twin cities Aug. 27th, and if you haven't seen them yet live, I encourage you to do so. As quickly as you can. You never know, this may be the last year. . .

33 days and counting. . .


  1. Other than the music (of course!) the most amazing thing about Rush is that these three guys have lasted 35+ years in a professional relationship and as close friends too. In an industry where bands regularly break up or go through frequent "personnel changes" over warring egos and "creative differences," that's an incredible accomplishment.

  2. Sure is an incredible achievement, and the documentary really is more about a lifetime friendship. Think we can beat em? :)