Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Time For Everything

So....I haven't had time to write on my novel for weeks, mostly because of school and my pretests (more on that some other post) and some because I just write better with my partner on line, even if we don't talk, there is something very calming and inspiring and a bit reminiscent (Writing Days on Mondays, always make me smile--sorry for the musical pun but I couldn't resist).  I was going to try to remedy this tonight with a writing session. I still am going to try.....I say try, because I know anything could pop up that derails our plans to meet later, AND I'm SOOOO hung over.  I can't even study today, well maybe this afternoon, but at the rate my head is pounding, four hours after aspirin, I doubt it.  The coffee is making a small dent in my sleep encrusted eyes, and my hair looks like i just got off the back of a Harley, (i'd describe the rest but there might be children reading this)   The only thing I might be able to accomplish today is laundry and more drinking.  lol...ouch, that made my head hurt just to think about it.  I need more time.....

No plans to drink again tonight, and I know you are saying, "No sympathy for the self inflected!  And you are right.  I have no regrets, it was so very worth it.  I love building memories, as you know.  And I take everything that Fate throws at me, even if I don't think i have the time to accomplish it, Somehow it always works out.  Of course I'm personal friends with Time so I imagine that has something to do with it it always working out somehow....maybe Nature has a hand in it too, I'll have to ask them.

And while I don't really have to justify my blowing off  some steam and drinking and talking with friends, I will, if only because its what I do.  But I did sooooo deserve last night, I think we all did.   I'll pay for it today, and maybe, just maybe be able to at least take my pretests one more time before my head screams "STOP...for gods sake just stop!"  :)  The one thing that I find remarkable about getting that drunk and it was embarrassing actually, was close to just passing out a couple of times; was that my friends took such good care of me.  They were not embarrassed for me or with me--and of course, still love me.  So my fears of needing to hide under a rock are unjustified.  I suppose I'm being silly, but I NEVER get that drunk.  (I hear you saying "Its not never if it happened...."  grrrrr, I stand corrected.  Seldom it is.  I was embarrassed, but thankfully it didn't spoil the evening, just made me quite....FINALLY, right?  lol

So I will approach today with a rare, and reoccurring smile on my face.  I will hold this memory of caring and love close to my heart, and know there is so much more to come.  Isn't it great how strong you feel with loved ones on your side?
If you haven't read these books, do it!  If you haven't read them in a long time....Do it again!  (that's what she said! crack myself up when i'm one else, just me.)


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