Sunday, August 14, 2011

One down, two to go!

The wedding was, as you can imagine so beautiful.  The bride (My Second Daughter) and the groom (My Second Son) were glowing.  Their friends and family (including My First Daughter-maid of honor) could not keep the smiles from their faces.  Everyone was so excited and pleased that these two people were finally connecting as a family.  Her son, who was the ring bearer, couldn't have me cuter in his little suit.  And the entire event reminded me of another wedding long, long ago where I was a bridesmaid.  My little brother Satan and his wife Nature,  This wedding, like that one, I danced all night, drank at the open bar until I knew I was done, and had an incredible amount of fun at my very artsy (all actors) and British table.  We were the loud table, wearing fabulous hats, because that's how they do it in England, bless her for bringing them for the uneducated and uncouth Americans. :)  We enjoyed each other so much they have invited me to their home in Chicago for a party this Saturday.  Too bad I really can't fit it in with the testing and then off to school.  But being asked was sure a great feeling.  Those of you that know me know how much I miss just being invited.

The dancing was the best with Our Gay Man About Town and his new boyfriend, and boy could they both dance.  Of course they asked me to dance with them, and since I can, we cleared the floor a couple of times, and I think they were actually filming it.  I know I saw the wedding photographers perk up...FINALLY someone really dancing.  LOL  We did not do any of the corny wedding dances, but drunk people tend to make up their own traditions.  (What was that thing we did to "The Wonder Years" version of With A Little Help From My Friends? Felt like a cross between red-rover, red-rover and ring around the rosey.....drunk adults need to have playground fun too!)

And while I was really happy for them both and everyone else there, I couldn't help, during some romantic moments to miss someone special on my arm.  And since I was already at that other wedding in my head, I remembered that I had met someone very special at that wedding.  I usually tend to meet at least one special person at every wedding I've been too.  Someone that I want to take away with me and make a part of my life.  This time it wasn't a romantic person, unfortunately.  More like a few new couples that share the same time-line of memories.  And THAT is fun to experience from across the pond.  I think we really hit it off with Bowie, and Queen, and then there was all the 80' and 90's rock to dance too.  I wish I could have caught an eye or seen someone I felt like approaching.  There wasn't.  And I have some pretty big shoes to fill in my mind with a few of my favorite ex's, or almost's.

Well I could talk about the beautiful wedding all day, but I need to get going now, and stop missing life, and try to live one.  Somehow today, I think I'd rather sleep and dream, but I can't.  I want to see everyone again before we leave, but suddenly I'm so sad.  Must be the hotel coffee.  It is sad.

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