Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spontaneous Moments are the Most Honest

Ever had one?  Hopefully you've had several, but have you ever noticed its the real spontaneous moments in your life that stand out?  Not always the planed vacations or the big events, but some little moment that happened you weren't expecting.  Maybe even on that planned vacation or big event, but still, something that just clicked and made the moment forever emblazoned in your mind. . .
     Like the first time your eyes meet and you both shyly look away, or even better, the first time your eyes meet and you keep trying to look away but find yourselves staring, with comfortable silence and trying to fill the conversation with anything to seem interesting?
     Or the first time you hear a favorite song on the car stereo and you can't believe that he likes it too, and not only does he turn it up, but sings it with you, or even better while singing takes your hand and you never had to say a thing?
     How about the first time you get the nerve up to ask for that first kiss, and it happens, and it's like no kiss you have ever had before or since?

Such honest feelings behind each one of those moments, surely they ended in happy relationships?

I'll tell you something about spontaneous moments.  No matter whether they are ecstatically happy or gut wrenchingly sad they ALWAYS open a door to an emotion that you either long for, and embrace with a joy you have not felt in maybe forever, or you run from with a fear you cannot express or explain.  This is why they are the most honest of moments and the ones you most remember.

You can't hide from yourself, or rationalize away your feelings in a spontaneous moment, like you can when you've had time to think about it.  You can't run.  You can't lie to yourself and force an almost unbearable compromise.  If we all made our choices following our spontaneous moments, our honest feelings, we'd be happier.  I know it's not always easy to make these decisions, they often times are the hardest ones.  But I've heard it said before that the hardest decisions usually reap the best rewards.  And that something worth fighting for is something worth keeping.

Try not to live your life in fear of what might happen, and just do it.  If you think you are happy in a compromise, you are confusing happy with comfortable.  If you think you are happy in a compromise, just think how much happier you would be if you had everything you dreamed or secretly desired.  Aren't you worth your own dreams? 


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  1. You've said it so wonderfully and truthfully.